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January 10, 2013


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Viola, a door!


January 4, 2013

Cold Frames for Wet Weather Veggies

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I finished putting the endwall on the south cold frame this morning.  Next step is to fab and then hang the door.



January 3, 2013

Onion Planting

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Amy planted out some of last years onions into the greenhouse yesterday.   These guys are still alive, as the green tops on several indicate, and they will push down roots and push up greens as the days get longer.  Once this cold snap is done and the nightly threat of freezing temperatures is over they will get watered into their new bed.


January 2, 2013

Great Egret

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Every year there seems to be more of these big birds wintering at the farm.  They prey on small critters by slowly stalking and spearing  with their beak.  This guy, very hard to sneak up on, was probably hunting field mice.

January 1, 2013

Frosty Morning

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It got cold last night, although the snow in the Coast Range actually fell a couple of days ago.

Here’s the inside of the cold frame that is heavily frosted.

Radishes in the other cold frame

Cabbage enjoying the warm sunshine

Happy New Year!




December 31, 2012

Winter Colors

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I took a walk around the farm a couple of days ago and was amazed to see the calendulas still in blossom.


June 26, 2012

Wear and Tear – Part I

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In 2006 we bought a brand new flail mower from Rears Manufacturing out of Eugene.   It was one of the few pieces of equipment that we bought new and it has served us very well.  Today I replaced the flails for the first time and found the process pretty fascinating.  I’ve known for a few months that I really needed to change the flails but I wanted to get every dime’s worth of cutting out of the originals so I went into the orchard this morning for one last hurrah.   In less than a minute I stalled the tractor when I hit a big piece of an apple limb that was pruned this spring and was hiding in the tall grass.  I restarted the tractor and brought the flail back up to speed only to find it shaking like crazy.  Not wanting to burn up a bearing or two I decided I had gotten my money’s worth from the originals and went to install the replacements.  As it happens, I broke one of the flails when I hit that limb, sending the 1200 RPM drum seriously out of balance.  Usually I push things too far but today discretion got the better part of valor.

Here’s a pic of new and used flails.  Note that they are reversible and can be flipped mid-life.   They are also used in pairs, back to back, so they make the shape of an inverted “Y” when attached to the drum with a hardened bolt through the hole.   I weighed 10 new and 10 used flails to determine wear.  The average flail, not including the one that broke, lost almost 12% of its weight.

(From left: worn flail showing typical wear,  new flail, new flail in profile – notice straight shank, bent used flail, broken flail that sent the mower out of balance, new flail.)


June 23, 2012

U-Pick Open Sunday – Weds, June 24 – 27

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Our Certified Organic U-Pick strawberry patch will be open Sunday June 24th through Weds June 27th from 8 AM to 7 PM.  Our Hoods and Shuksans are $2.50/lb and you need to bring your own containers.  Turn left as soon as you enter our property and follow the signs to park.  Please visit the white canopy to read the instructions before you start to pick.  Our address: 6370 NW Evers Road, Forest Grove, OR 97116.

Here’s a pic of my latest strawberry food adventure – jam.  Sugar, lemon juice, and, of course, strawberries.

June 18, 2012

Strawberry U-Pick Open Mon-Weds, June 18-20

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Our certified organic strawberry patch is open for U-Pick June 18, 19, and 20 from 8 AM to 7 PM.  Berries are $2.50/lb.  Remember to bring your own containers to 6370 NW Evers Road, Forest Grove, OR 97116.  Follow the signs to park and check the instructions on the board under the white canopy before you start to pick.

Here’s a pic of a what is left of a delicious strawberry pound cake that one of our awesome repeat customers shared with us.  Enjoy!

June 16, 2012

U-Pick Strawberries Open on Fathers Day

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Bring Dad or let him stay home to watch the golf tournament.  Anyway, the strawberry patch is open for U-Pick on Sunday, June 17 from 8 AM to 7 PM.  Our certified organic berries are $2.50/lb.  Remember to bring your own containers.  Our address: 6370 NW Evers Road, Forest Grove, OR 97116.

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